SN1918WAR station is active!

The Museum of Polish Independence in Warsaw along with the Transatlantic Radio Telegraph Transmission Center Association, and the SP5KAB Amateur Radio Club together with the Polish Amateur Radio Union Mazovian Emcomm Net SP5MASR, have joined forces today to commemorate the centennial anniversary of Poland’s independence and an extraordinary important event in the history of  Polish radio equipment history. On the night of November 18-19, 1918, using the callsign “WAR” and using captured German radio equipment in Warsaw’s Citadel fortress, a text signed a few days earlier by Józef Piłsudski was transmitted to proclaim the re-establishment of an independent Polish state. The telegram was translated into several languages and was addressed to the governments of the USA, Great Britain, France, Italy, Japan, Germany and “all belligerent and neutral states”.


On Sunday November 11, we  commemorated the message sent from the Supreme Commander Józef Piłsudski to the world, as this extremely important event for us. On this day, amateur radio station was operating under the callsign SN1918WAR and will be present on amateur short wave bands until the end of 2018


Below are a handful of photos documenting the activities taking place at the Warsaw Citadel in the Museum of the 10th Pavilion.